Re: Glom update

Hi Murray,

On Thu, 2010-07-22 at 08:28 -0700, Earl Melton wrote:
> Greetings Y'all
> I have just upgraded from v. 1.13.2 to 1.14.3 on PCs, both at work and
> at home, and am wondering: Dare I remove the [old] Glom package?
> Synaptic didn't remove it when it installed the new, so am wondering
> if it needs to be left there for a reason. TIA for your advice on
> this!

You replied:

> Exactly what package do you mean?

Looking a little closer, Synaptic shows libglom-1.12-dev. Under 'Latest Version' it says 1.13.2-Oubuntu1 and appears to ba a Glom library. Also, libglom-1.12-0 is another Glom library. Right-clicking offers an option to 'Mark for Complete Removal.' I was just wondering if that would be advisable since 1.14.3 has its own library or do these need to remain in place?
Have a blessed day!
 <>< Earl


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