First time Glom usage + database question.


I felt very happy when I found out about the existence of Glom a while ago.

Screenshots look good, the website looks good, and when I tried it the
first time I was happily surprised that dealing with the database was so

Tonight I made a start with creating my own customized layout (With the
PPA packages on Ubuntu Jaunty), and that went pretty good.

I was wondering about a command-line parameter to directly connect to a
database in the network, as I find opening a connection to a running
PostgreSQL server quite confusing after starting Glom.

Would it be hard to implement a parameter for that ?
Or is there a work-around for it somehow ?

It would make the implementation of Glom in an office setup with 1 central
PostgreSQL server so much easier.

I was manually copying the names of fields from a FileMaker database,
and I noticed that the character & gave an error, I tried the + sign
instead and that seemed fine so far.
Are there certain characters in Glom and/or PostgreSQL that needs to be
avoided, just like avoiding characters like ! ? and whitespaces is
best to avoid in directory names ?

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