Re: many-to-many

Hi Andrew,

I tried to follow your description, and the attachment is what I came up
with. The trick is, once you are back in the people table after adding
the "remote portal layout":

1. Right-click on it in details view,
2. Choose "Layout" from the context menu,
3. Click "Add field",
4. Check "Show related relationships" (this will enable you to use the
relations defined in the availability table),
5. Select "Days > Days via days_id" and the Fields list should show a
"Field: days::day" entry.

The start/finish fields from the availability table are easy to add, as
simple fields.

I've created an example Glom file from what I did. It will contain some
example data to give you an idea.

Hope this helps,

PS: see
for a quick idea.

Attachment: ruthven.glom
Description: Binary data

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