Re: Login problems

To the Glom developers,

I'm a medium-level computer user who happens to be using Ubuntu. Glom
seems to be the answer to my database GUI prayers, but I get stuck at
the login screen. I'm trying this right now:

Host: localhost
User: joshua [my Ubuntu username]
Password: [my Ubuntu password]

It fails, and suggests that I may be giving incorrect login information,
or that a Postgre database server isn't running.

I've tried installing the Ubuntu package postgresql-8.1 and its
dependencies, but no dice. Do I have to manually "start up" postgre? Am
I giving wrong login information?

Have you done the post-installation?:

What version of Ubuntu is this?

There are various ideas about how to make this initial setup easier, but
it's all going to take time.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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