[glade--] Error running glade-- on Windows


I'm trying to install Glademm on my Windows XP System but I can't get it working. I have installed the Mingw32-Compiler and GTK + GTKmm. I already compiled some GTKmm-applications successfully. Now I want to use Glade 2.12.1 to build my GUI instead of writing the source code directly. It works quite well as long as I try to get source code in C. But when I choose C++ as language I only get this Error:

"Error running glade-- to generate the C++ source code.
Check that you have glade-- installed and that it is in your PATH.
Then try running 'glade-- <project_file.glade>' in a terminal."

So I tried to use the console and manually translate the glade-project:
"glade--.exe gladetest.glade"
As result the Windows-API displays an error-message and terminates glade--. It seems that glade is throwing an untreated error.

I searched the web for a solution or even for a hint to a solution and even tried to compile Glademm on myself. But it doesn't run anyway.

Does anyone have an idea where the cause of my problem may lie?

glade 2.6.0
glade-- 2.6.0 built for win32

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