Re: [glade--] Glademm code and libglademm

Arthur schrieb:
> I've already asked this on gtkmm list and I would like to know your
> opinion, too.
> Is there any good avantage to use libglademm instead of Glademm
> generated code? Is it faster, easier to deal with in terms of coding?
> Thank you. I will really appreciate your advice.
> Arthur Maciel

My opinion on this:

- use libglademm if you want your users to edit the GUI
- use libglademm if you want to use gnome widgets (not maintained in
- use glademm if you want to ship a _single_ binary with no dependancies
(except shared libraries). glademm will embed your icons and create
static code.


PS: Sorry for the delay, the glademm list gets buried in spam, so it is
no fun checking it.

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