[glade--] ScrolledWindow autoscrolling

Hi List,

I know this topic has been discussed a few times all over the different
gtk related lists :) but still I can't find a suitable solution.

What I have is a Gtk::TextView inside a Gtk::ScrolledWindow, the usual
combo when you insert a TextView in glade-2. The TextView widget is used
to display chat-text inside a chat client and should therefore scroll
automatically as soon as the text has a certain length. what is the
appropriate way to do this? I'm using glademm (2.6.0) with glade-2
(2.6.8) and gtkmm (2.4.11). which signal do I have to catch and where?
it is clear to me that I have to call the set_hadjustment and
set_vadjustment functions of the ScrolledWindow widget...but I have
difficulties to find the correct signal to catch...and where to catch
the signal (child or inside the ScrolledWindow)

thanks for your help!


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