Re: [glade--] basic question

Ori Idan schrieb:

> Another simple question, the on_button1_clicked function was declared as
> virtual void on_button1_clicked() = 0;  I had to delete the = 0; is
> there any way to do it without deleteing the '= 0;'? since I have to
> delete it every time after saving a code in glademm.

Normally you have a class derived from the class where the
virtual void on_button1_clicked() = 0; declaration lives.
In that derived class you have void on_button1_clicked();
Normally the files for the derived class are named
name.h,, while the files for the glademm-created
ones are named name_glade.h and
Since glademm doesn't want to overwritze your code
updates to name.h and go to name_new.h_new and


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