Re: [glade--]Simple Hello User App

dingo schrieb:
Hello, I'm trying to get the hang of glademm (haven't touched a piece of
code in 2+ years)

Anyways, I found a nice little 'Hello User' tutorial for glade at this

I'm using glademm since I'm a lot more familiar with C++. My question is
this, in this tutorial, to add functionality to the 'Close' button, you
add this code 'gtk_main_quit();'. Everything I've googled for suggests
that I should use 'Gtk::Main::quit();' as a replacement. This doesn't
work however, compiling gives me this error: In member function `virtual void
window1::on_button2_clicked()': error: incomplete type 'Gtk::Main' cannot be used to name
a scope

I'm looking for any help, suggestions, clues, tutorials, etc...

try including <gtkmm/main.h>

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