Re: [glade--] error of FC2 and glade--?

Rolly Ng schrieb:
It seems that anjuta failed to find the file bonabomm/widget/wrap_init.h
however I have found the file at /usr/local/include/libbonobouimm-2.0/bonobomm/widgets/wrap_init.h
Is this 2 file the same?

may be. Just try. Take a look into src/ Patching this file to support gnomemm2 might be a good idea. If you find out which changes are necessary *, I'll happily work them into the mainline code.

How can I instruct anjuta to look for the right file?

fix glademm to support gnome2 :-(

Nobody so far ever cared to support it (neither me). Everything works well if you turn off gnome support (which no gladmem user so far has ever needed enough).

Sorry, you are the first to go there

* Either send me a diff to glademm or to a diff to your project (versus another glademm run).

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