Re: [glade--]gtk combo pb in C++

Nicolas Montavont schrieb:

I come back on a previous mail, sent last week.

I'd been on vacation (and if you did not specify the keyword glademm/glade-- I most likely overlooked it)

Currently we are trying to convert our GTK interface to gtk2 (in C++), but we have a problem with the combo box. When we create a combo box (with glade-2), with different items, we have the following error at generation:

glade--: unknown Widget type GtkListItem

glademm simply complains about deprecated widgets being used in the xml file (it's a warning IIRC).

But, if we create empty combo box with glade-2, I mean without items, it compiles without errors. More, if we have items in combo box, and configure to generate C code instead of C++, it works as well.

Between the lines I read that the project does not compile when you put items into the combo. Can you confirm that [e.g. send me the compiler error]. And it would help me a lot if you could provide a minimal failing example (the .glade[p] files are enough)

  Christof (glademm maintainer)

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