[glade--]Missing Stock Menu Item Accelerators


I have built a window using Glade2/libglademm2. There are several
accelerators attached to menu items, and in Glade2 they are correctly
showing up in the menu (e.g. File/"Quit Ctrl+Q").

But when I load the window in my program, the accelerators will not work
and they are not showing up in the menu as well.

This happens only with the stock menu items. The accelerators of
non-stock items work fine.

Any ideas? Help appreciated.


  // Load the Glade file and instantiate its widgets.
  try {
    refXml = Gnome::Glade::Xml::create(PACKAGE_LIB_DIR "cantus-3.glade",
  catch(const Gnome::Glade::XmlError & err) {
    std::cerr << err.what() << '\n';

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