[glade--]Re: glademm problems

Silviu D Minut schrieb:

??? I never named any release SNAP (that might be snapshot - but which
date is unclear, so you should retry with the CVS version)

I downloaded the tarball from http://home.wtal.de/petig/Gtk/ (marked
"New"). It has a glademm.spec file and I made an rpm from it. It was named
SNAP. By the way, there's no docs/KNOWN file in the tarball, and rpmbuild
fails at the very end. I added that. I also swapped the aclocal and
autoheader in src/Cxx.cc and it woked (i.e. the resulting glade-- produced
an autogen.sh that was able to configure and compile project.glade).

This tarball is outdated when it comes to autoconf2.5x. But I would like to resolve the problems before releasing a new version.

Fixing gettext is on my todo list.

autoheader: error: AC_CONFIG_HEADERS not found in configure.in

I already fixed that one in CVS.

configure.in:6: required file `./config.h.in' not found

rubbish ;-) autoconf told me that it would not need it any longer ...

Between what I saw happening on my own computer and what they say, I
believe what I saw. It was needed in the glade-- version I compiled. At
any rate, I'm very frustaed with all the automake tools - they were
designed to make configuration and compilation easier across different
platform, and it turns out that automake/autoconf is more difficult to
keep straight than anything. And if you want to learn from scracth, from
the online gnu manuals, good luck!

I'll try the cvs version.

It should perform much better (or worse) because I target autoconf2.59/automake1.7+ with it.

You are more than welcome to join me in development. Feel free to ask
any questions you like!

Is there anything specific that you would like me to do?

Make it work on your machine. And then tell me how (and perhaps sending a patch).


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