Re: [glade--]glade-- for gtk2

Radhika Sambamurti wrote:
Thanks for the email. It has made things a bit clearer.
I have installed libglade2.0.1

that's not yet related to glade-- at all.

I am trying to install glademm-1.1.3e and get these errors
when it i do make:

I am running gcc 3.2
Any ideas as to why my glademm is not building?


getopt.h:110: declaration of C function `int getopt()'
conflicts with
/usr/include/unistd.h:366: previous declaration `int
getopt(int, char* const*, const char*)' here
*** Error code 1

this is a bit too short, is this during glade--.c compilation? which options are passed to the compiler? What are the contents of config.h?

I don't have this problem. I tweaked the CVS version to handle things differently, can you try it?


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