Re: [glade--]Re: Gnomemm-2 support in glade--

Peter Wainwright wrote:
1. I don't like the environment variable either: I only put it in
as a temporary measure (read KLUDGE) while I was feeling my way
around. I guess "Configuration.glade2" is the flag which tells us
which version of the .glade file has been detected? If you don't


feel like correcting my patches yourself, I can provide a better
solution when I have time...

I still have many more urgent projects at hand.

2. I don't think I unconditionally overwrite the build files.
There are lines such as autogen_name=FileNameByType(File_AUTOGEN_SH),
and it seems that these return the filenames with a "_new" postfix if
they already exist. Its up to the user to copy those to, etc.
if they want to - I thought that was the idea (correct me if
I'm wrong)?

Oops, you might be right. I simply forgot about this feature since configure.in_new and friends annoyed me and the lines were added to disable creation of the files.

I'll apply your patch.

I'm still working on some more patches (presently trying to learn
about the internal BonoboDock/BonoboDockItem widgets which crop
up in Gnome2 Apps) - I'll probably have some more patches in a
week or so...

Wow, I also try to learn more about orbitcpp (to replace mico here).


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