[glade--]glade-- bug report


here is my bug report:

What to include in a bug report:

if a glade generated program fails to compile:

 - operating system, kernel-version, distribution etc.
Linux vgrinche-nt 2.4.17-0.18 #1 Mon Feb 18 08:06:05 EST 2002 i686 unknown

 - compiler version
gcc 2.96

 - glademm version (glademm --version)

glademm V0.6.4 (glade to Gtk-- converter)

 - gtkmm version (gtkmm-config --version)

 - gtk version (gtk-config --version)

 - command line switches (head src/foo_glade.cc)
% head MainWindow_glade.cc

// generated 2002/3/26 12:30:40 EST by vlad vgrinche-nt (none)
// using glademm V0.6.4
// DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE ! It was created using
// glade-- /export/home/vlad/develop/V4/gaccess-client/gaccess-client.glade
// for gtk 1.2.10 and gtkmm 1.2.8
// Please modify the corresponding derived classes in ./src/MainWindow.cc

 - glademm input file (gzip -9 foo.glade)

Bug report:

glade-- doesn't generate proper initialization code for GnomeApp class. 
If compiled, the window would be empty. I have to add the following code 
manually at the end of my MainWindow_glade constructor every time I regenerate
my UI code.

        /* Added manually */
        dock1->set_client_area (*vbox2);
        MainWindow->set_contents (*dock1);
        MainWindow->set_statusbar (*Status);

This was reported also by Jack Lecou <jackl frenetic com> on Jan 10, 2002.
Please, fix this bug. Without this fix, you turn away potential Gnomemm
users from using Glade. If you don't have time fixing it, at least
state this problem on your Web page so people wouldn't have to search
mailing lists for the answer.

Please, find attached gaccess-client.glade.gz, and PNGs of MainWindow
and its widget hierarchy.

thanks for writing glade--! It really helps to smooth the learning curve 
and shortens the development time.

Vladislav Grinchenko               e-mail: vgrinche integ com
Integral Systems, Inc.               http: www.integ.com

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Attachment: gaccess-client.glade.gz
Description: GNU Zip compressed data

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