[glade--]some glade-- notes from a new user

I'm working on my first GNOME application using glade--, and have arranged some thoughts that might help other people like me. I have looked in the archives to see if these issues have been addressed and fixed in cvs, and note it below (I may have missed some things). 1. Gnome App: glade-- forgets to add the content to the dock, the dock to the window, and the status bar to the window. This was addressed earlier on the mailing list, but I don't know if it has been fixed yet. 2. To utilize widgets after they are first painted, you probably want them as members of your app's class. To do this, first choose C++ in the glade options. Then, for every widget that you want available as a member, use the Property window to change the Visibility property to public. The widget will then be a real class member, not just declared as a local variable in the constructor. 3. When you have one or more public widgets, the support files are generated (glademm_support.[hh,cc]). I'm not sure what the functions in here do. The version I have (0.6.4) thinks that the namespace for the standard library is '__STD', which I have never seen before. I changed all instance to 'std', and all works. An issue that may have been exactly this one was addressed on the mailing list at some point. 4. Making menu items local: The GNOME app that people (me) like to use comes with some default menu items. When you try to make these items members of the class (via the Visibility: Public method described above), glade-- says that it can't modify those menu items. I copied the declarations into the _glade.hh file and removed them from the constructor in _glade.cc, and the menuitems are now class members and get created correctly. However, they lose their magic accelerators (I say magic because I can't figure out where it is that 'Ctrl-Q' gets mapped to Exit, for example). If you know how to change a menuitem's accelerator (while still using the GNOME_UIINFO macros), let me know.

That's just some of the issues I have with glade--. If you have any more, or if you have comments/a better way to do it/suggestions for anything mentioned above, let me know. I think gtkmm and glade-- are great, but somebody needs to jump on the documentation bandwagon (not it!).
	- Graeme
	gwl u washington edu
"The sleeper has awakened."

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