Re: [glade--]Problem with check buttons

Dominic Sacré wrote:

Helfen die Stichworte "Firmung" und "Homepage-Projekt" weiter? ;-)

Oh ja, jetzt habe ich sogar wieder ein Gesicht zum Namen. Interessant, auf diese Art und Weise wieder voneinander zu hören.

Can you please test it with Version 0.6.4, I addressed a bug like this
about three weeks ago

Okay, I upgraded to version 0.6.4, but to no avail, the problem persists. Apparently this only affects (the labels of) check buttons and radio buttons. Simple text labels are justified correctly.

First I thought it was an unimplemented feature:
*I was not able to change the alignment of checkbuttons with glade 0.6.4 *(current version) it seems that the functionality is no longer *supported by glade itself (at least not the gnome enabled version).
*Two options:
*- you send me your .glade file (or a simple example) so I can implement *the code generation for the glade version you are using. *- you chose 'remove label' from the pulldown menu, add a label to it an *adjust the parameters of this separate label. This works for me.

Then I looked closer
- glade (and Gtk+?) has a different default alignment for buttons (center) and check/radiobuttons (left),
- Gtk-- has the same default alignment for all button types (center)
- now glade-- passes additional arguments to ensure glade's behaviour.

Thank you for reporting this bug, it has been there since the beginning but I haven't been able to pin it down.

The bug is fixed in the CVS version (see README file)

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