Re: [glade--]bug?! unsupported feature?

> Now you're just annoying me. I told you what to check and you chose to
> have me do it for you instead. All you had to do was check that the
> signature of switch_page_impl() was the same as the one in the base
> class. You would then have discovered that there is _no_
> switch_page_impl in the base class because the base class is a Window,
> not a Notebook.
> You need to start looking at the C++ code and thinking about it instead
> of just trusting generated code and whining when it doesn't 'just work'.

Sorry, I didn't want to annoy you! Obviously I was misinterpreting
Well, I have now created a class test which derives from Gtk::Notebook.
It has that switch_page_impl function in it with the implementation done in (as member of class test). It still doesn't work. Maybe you can
have another look at it (attachment) and tell me again, what I did wrong
this time (of course you are free to not help me!).

Thanks, bye,

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