Re: [glade--]bug?! unsupported feature?

On Mon, 2002-02-25 at 17:55, RevX gmx at wrote:
> > Before I waste my time on this, could you tell me whether you have
> > investigated the possiblity that I mentioned in my first paragraph?
> It's a very small example. There won't be much of a waste of time.
> The overriden swtich_page function is the same class as everything
> else (the window1_glade which is derived from Gtk::Window if I'm
> not wrong).
> Take a risc, have a look :-)

Now you're just annoying me. I told you what to check and you chose to
have me do it for you instead. All you had to do was check that the
signature of switch_page_impl() was the same as the one in the base
class. You would then have discovered that there is _no_
switch_page_impl in the base class because the base class is a Window,
not a Notebook.

You need to start looking at the C++ code and thinking about it instead
of just trusting generated code and whining when it doesn't 'just work'.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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