Re: [glade--]

markAinsley Pereira schrieb:
That's CVS telling you there's a conflict. Perhaps you've modified the file
locally, and someone else has modified it in CVS in a different way (in the
same place).
Your CVS update should have shown a 'C' for that file. (Unless it somehow got
checked in like that.)


The two alternatives (your version and the one in CVS) are given, and you must
edit the file to remove one and possibly merge the change into the other
manually. Then you can remove the section markers (the <<<<< ====== and >>>>>)
and everything will be sorted.

there's another possible way to deal with conflicts: trust the upstream author to have done it right, remove the offending file and update.

I guess in this case it's what Mark wants to do.

  Christof (admittedly the upstream author)

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