Re: [glade--]Todays patches...

Björn Axelsson schrieb:
Those patches are a bit more questionable than my last, so someone with a
better grip of the big picture will have to verify them. (But they work
for me =)

  - Don't try to embed image if it is a stock image.

I ran across this one, too. Fixed.

  - Enabled use of accelerators.

  What is the deal with the accelerators anyway? Why wont glade-- generate
  them as default and why does it print the warning about broken code
  compability when I manually enable accelerators

It should. But since adding the first accelerator will change the user class ctor parameter (if not already there) the user should be aware of this. I agree that nowadays this should be the default (and using no accels the exception).

I changed the default behaviour, use --noaccelerators to maintain backward compatibility for older projects.

  - Enabled edge shadow type.
  This was (almost) there already, but commented away. Why?

I think older gtkmm Versions lacked the method.

- f.FunctionArg() << "Gtk::Menu_Helpers::AccelKey(" << mods - << ", " << key << ")"; + f.FunctionArg() << "Gtk::Menu_Helpers::AccelKey(" + << "'" << key << "', " << mods << ")";

this change is dubious indeed, as it will not work with e.g. F1. Can you tell me exactly what glade-2 puts in the .glade file when you specify F1. IIRC glademm has to emit something like GDK_F1 or Gdk::F1?

If you still have problems with current code, tell me again (because I fixed these different).


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