Internal Survey Error


Please re-direct this email if necessary.

Whenever I try to submit Glade Registration and User Survey, I get an "Internal Server Error".

Here are a few snapshots and comments re the Survey:




What Aspect Of The Software Needs The Most Improvement:

"I needed a GUI for Freebasic, and Glade 3.22.2 does the job really well. It would be nice if Glade could have a function to generate the required XML file for Freebasic under Ubuntu 20.04, like glade2bas does. I have not been able to get a proper version of glade2bas for Ubuntu 20.04."

As of this time, I have Not Found any problems using Glade.


"I am new to Glade, but so far it is impressive to use. I found a couple of youtube videos that have helped me to learn how to use Glade. Thank you very much for the development of Glade."



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