Re: Does Glade support creating Gtk4.0 UIs ?

Hi, no, Glade does not support Gtk 4 and I do not plan adding support for it because believe it or not I think it would be easier to write something new from scratch.

That is why I started a new project called Cambalache which will support Gtk 4 from the beginning

I will talk more about it at GUADEC


Juan Pablo

On Mon, Apr 26, 2021 at 12:10, PJ Singh <pjsingh5000 gmail com> wrote:

Does Glade support creating Gtk4.0 UIs yet?

If not, which version of Glade is this planned for?

(Note, I am using Glade 3.38.2, and the highest GTK version I see in this version of Glade is 3.24).

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