Re: Problem : Glade Start

El 27 ago. 2020, a la(s) 23:39, João Aguiar <jocm aguiar gmail com> escribió:

Dear, good morning
I installed glade using the command line (sudo apt install glade) on debian 10 Buster. Since it does not start when clicking on the icon? I tried to start from the terminal and displays the following message ( glade: symbol lookup error: glade: undefined symbol: gdk_broadway_display_get_type
I run debían Sid and it works here

Sounds like a build problem, that symbol should only be used if Gdk broadway backend is enabled in gtk build

You should check Glade is linking with its corresponding libs with ldd

Perhaps it’s loading the wrong gladeui library from and old build


João Carlos
Gmail: jocm.aguiar
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