[Glade-users] Color values too long (48 instead of 24 bits)


In glade-3.8.5, I created a GtkLabel and in the Label Properties - General tab at "Edit label appearance" 
selected "Attributes: Edit".
In the "Setup Text Attributes" dialog, at "Foreground Color" I selected the pen symbol, which brings up the 
"Select a color" dialog offering different mechanisms for inputting the color (such as a color wheel and 
individual R/G/B input widgets). At "Color name:", if I type #FF8000 then this will correctly change the 
color to orange.
However, in the "Setup Text Attributes" dialog and also in the saved Builder-format XML file, the value shows 
up as #ffff80800000.
Why is each byte duplicated?

If in the XML file, if I change the line
  <attribute name="foreground" value="#ffff80800000"/>
  <attribute name="foreground" value="#ff8000"/>
and load the changed file into Glade, the color shows up properly (orange as before).

-- Oliver

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