[Glade-users] glade and/or gtkmm, insert a FileChooserDialog inside a Notebook tab


Maybe you are mixing up "file chooser dialog" with "file chooser

 actualy I didn't know so far that there is a file choose widget (I'm
using gtkmm/glade for less than two weeks for now, so I'm still
learning). I was trying to add the file chooser dialog.

I can insert the file chooser widget, but it leads me to another
problem. using the function run(fileChooserDIALOG) was cool because It
returns the response of the button I click on. There is a way to do the
same things with a widget ?

The solution I eventually plan, is to use a trhead with a loop waiting
that a button has been clicked. But this solution doesn't seems to be
in the spirit of gtk. So if you have any suggestion, please share it.


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