[Glade-users] How to link in a gtk+ 3.0 resource file?

I spent some time trying to include a gtk+ 3.0 resource file into my 
binary, without success. I created an xml file with glade, used 
glib-compile-resources to create a c file, included it into my eclipse 
project, get it compiled, and from there I am lost.

If I use glib-compile-resources with the --manual-register option, and I 
explicitly call menus_register_resource(), subsequent call of 
gtk_builder_new_from_resource seems to find the resource, but generates 
lots of errors like 'Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_settings_get_for_screen: 
assertion 'GDK_IS_SCREEN (screen)' failed'. If I leave out the call to 
menus_register_resource(), I get the error 'Gtk-ERROR **: failed to add 
UI: The resource at '/com/wullie/draughts/gtk/menus.ui' does not exist'

Could comebody please provide a pointer to a detailed example of how to 
properly include a resource file in a binary, using C, preferably in 


Grinnikend door het leven...

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