[Glade-users] How to set a default adjustment in glade widget

I have built a custom widget based on Hscale (GTK2).
In my widget I supply an adjustment.
This works fine if I use the widget directly in Python code.
If I use it as a Glade widget, the adjustment seems to be
ignored. Is there a way to:
a) tell Glade not to add an adjustment of it's own, So that
mine is used automatically.
b) tell Glade to use my adjustment directly.

I had tried something like:

<glade-widget-class name="Override" generic-name="override" title="Override Controls">
                <property id="adjustment" default="adjustment" visible="True"/>
        <property id="adjustment"  disabled="True" visible="False"/>

Neither did what I was hoping.

I can paste widget code if required.

Chris Morley
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