[Glade-users] custom property setter not fired on commit

If your custom property is of some unknown GType, like a boxed type
you introduced for example, you will need to provide a
GladeStringFromValue function[0] in your widget adaptor definition.

The string it generates must be unique per possible value that your
GType can have, without this Glade has no way to compare your value
with another value and cannot tell if the value actually changed or
not (and thus needs to be updated in the workspace).

As with all other GladeWidgetAdaptor methods, the string_from_value()
method should chain up to the adaptor implementing the parent widget
type if that is appropriate, here is an example of how we handle it
for the custom "items" property of GtkComboBoxText[1], GtkListStore[2]
also does this for the "columns" property.



On Fri, Mar 14, 2014 at 11:12 PM, Domenico Ferrari <domfe at tiscali.it> wrote:
I'm doing a new plugin for my widget...
It has a property editable with a TreeView, like "columns" on
GtkListStore object.
In my callback function on "edited" signal I have the following code

  g_value_init (&value, MY_TYPE_COLUMN_FORMAT_LIST);
  g_value_take_boxed (&value, colfmt);
  glade_editor_property_commit (eprop, &value);

but my custom property setter is not fired. If I use
glade_property_set it is correctly called but I miss the undo/redo
Can I have some help?

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