[Glade-users] Compiling Glade 3.16.1 for Windows

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On 06.03.2014 14:41, Domenico Ferrari wrote:
On 2014-03-05 17:57 GMT+01:00 LRN wrote:
On 05.03.2014 20:31, Domenico Ferrari wrote:
Hi. Due to the lack of a precompiled version of Glade 3.16.1 
for Win32 machines, I decided to compile it on my own.

Do I have to compile on a Windows machine?

Is it better to have a Linux cross-compiler?

I'm thinking about compiling on Windows and making binaries for
the dependencies also.
How much time are you expecting to sink into that? What is your 
ultimate goal?

Note that you may be able to find pre-compiled Glade & 
dependencies, if you look outside of gtk.org. Google for two 
keywords: "glade-3.16.1" and "mingw".

Thank you!

I have downloaded precompiled Glade and all dependencies from 
They have a package manager somewhere (or so i've been told), a port
of pacman from Arch. Be sure to use that (if you can't find it, go ask

The gtk demos are working but Glade is looping, eating all CPU and 
no windows out.

If you want support for their builds, go ask them. They have a mailing
list too, and alexey is available on #mingw-w64 @ irc.oftc.net .

Me, i'm maintaining sbuild[1]. If you use that - then you can ask me
for support.

If there are precompiled Glade version for Windows, why not list 
them on the glade official site?
Because no one from the Glade dev team makes these builds, therefore
they are not inclined to provide the binaries or support them. GTK+
stack includes a whole lot of dependencies, and since other people
took up the task of building and packaging the binaries (for better or
worse), Glade devs may have little incentive to do anything.

Aside from mingw-builds and my own project, there may be Fedora-mingw
builds somewhere, and Tarnyko built the whole GTK stack a while back
(not sure if glade-3.16 was included). There may be others too.

[1] https://www.gitorious.org/sbuild

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