[Glade-users] Catalog documentation confusion


If you read on,
https://developer.gnome.org/gladeui/unstable/widgetclasses.html (the
next section)
describes the type of methods you can declare on a GladeWidgetAdaptor,
the adaptor is the main
entry point allowing you to customize the experience of working with a
given widget class, it allows
you to define a custom property editor for the widget, custom editors
for individual properties,
actions which show up in Glade's toolbar and context menus, etc.

It also allows you to load / save in custom ways (so you can support
custom GtkBuildable
fragments on your widgets which implement GtkBuildable).


On Wed, Mar 5, 2014 at 11:21 AM, Tristian Celestin
<tristian.celestin at outlook.com> wrote:
I am reading the documentation regarding adding catalogs to Glade 

What does it mean to "optionally provide code support"? I understand that a catalog can provide icons so 
that one can identify new widgets in the palette. I also understand that a library implementing the widget 
can be provided so that properties and signals can be identified. Is the "code support" referring to this 
latter feature, or is it something else?
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