[Glade-users] Error Message in Glade 3.16.1 'Placeholder text' of object class 'Text Entry' was introduced in gtk+ 3.2

On Thu, Jul 31, 2014 at 4:55 PM, <mikey at lawtechgold.com> wrote:

I use gtkmm with the defualt GCC tool chain on Ubuntu, and I just upgraded
from Ubuntu 12.04 LTS to 14.04 LTS.
I have Glade project file that uses gtk::TextEntry widgets. When I opened
it in Glade after upgrading, I got this message when I tried to save the
Glade file.

[window1:frame1:box1:layout1:spinbutton3] *Property 'Placeholder text' of
object class 'Text Entry' was introduced in gtk+ 3.2.* ]


This error has nothing to do with which GTK+ you have installed really.

The warnings are provided to help ensure you are using API that is
available on the *target* system where you intend to install your

Enter the project properties dialog to set the target GTK+ version for your
project, it should allow you to set a higher value than 3.2 - this target
should generally match the minimum GTK+ version requirement of your
software (i.e. the version you have probably specified in
PKG_VERSION_CHECK() in your configure.ac file).


 When I build and run the C++ project the text entry boxes also don't
look right - widgets aren't rendered correctly and the labels I put up
there are skewed. This was all working fine before the upgrade. Apparently
the upgrade removed some of the newer gtk+ packages that I had installed -
I can't retrace my steps now, but I did not build it from the source

Apparently * gtk+ 3.2.* ] is
missing after Ubuntu 12.04->14.04 LTS upgrade - how can I install this

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