[Glade-users] Fwd: Failing to display a custom fake property

  I'm writing a catalog containing an object with a fake property similar
to, but much simpler than, the Data property of the GtkTreeModel
implementations, GtkTreeStore and GtkListStore, in the Gtk+ catalog.

  I've managed to create the editor for it and read/write the property from
a glade XML file using the GladeWidgetAdaptor methods, it also loads as
expected from the GtkBuildable. The problem comes when I set the property's
value in Glade. The value type of the fake property is GtkListStore, which
is convenient as I use it directly to set it as the model of the
GtkTreeView shown in the editor. When the values are set or changed in the
GtkTreeView  they don't display, but the number of rows is right, and
editing them again and placing some debug messages in the code shows the
values are also right, and they are even written/read to/from file
correctly when the project is saved/loaded.

  I don't know where the problem actually is or if it has something to do
with this but when I call glade_command_set_property to set the value of
the property, Glade complains displaying the following critical warnings
(when I set the property to NULL only the second message is displayed):

(glade:9234): GladeUI-CRITICAL **: Object type property refers to an object
outside the project
(glade:9234): GladeUI-CRITICAL **: glade_property_update_prop_refs:
assertion `gnew != NULL' failed

  I've tried writing a GladeWidgetAdaptorSetPropertyFunc for the object but
it's not called for its custom properties. So I don't know how to solve
this one, does anyone have any clues about it? Maybe it's just a silly
error I've made, but as I don't see it and this warning is showing, any
help is welcome.

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