[Glade-users] sliders and spinners

All of these widgets are basically views for the GtkAdjustment datamodel.

In glade you can create a GtkAdjustment and set it as the "adjustment"
property of
any of the said widgets.

You can also have more than one of these widgets share the same adjustment.

Configuring the adjustment values can be a bit tricky, mostly just because of
the page size and step increment, the step increment usually indicates how
many units to climb per spin button click, of scrollbar
up/down/left/right button
click - while the page size is normally driven by a scrolled window, indicating
how many units of the overall adjustment size fits in the scrolled window area.


On Wed, Dec 3, 2014 at 7:21 AM, Walt Brainerd <walt.brainerd at gmail.com> wrote:
I have a few of the widgets figured out,
but couldn't have figured out the grouping
of the radio buttons without your help.

I am trying sliders and spinners. I cannot
see how to change their value. I am trying
Horizontal Scale, Vertical Scale and
Spin Button. They show up in Glade, but
I can't get the values to change.

Am I using the right widgets?
Help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Walt Brainerd

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