[Glade-users] Glade UI in French?

Hello again,

I?ve build now native version of GTK+ 3.10 on MacOS through GTK-OSX:

and then Glade 3.16.1:
./configure --prefix /Users/blady/gtk/inst --libdir '/Users/blady/gtk/inst/lib' --disable-scrollkeeper  
make install

I confirm that with this version glade.mo is installed in the following directory for example with French 
locale file:
and not in:
as it is expected by glade.

HTH, Pascal.

Le 5 mai 2014 ? 21:22, Pascal <p.p14 at orange.fr> a ?crit :

Hello Tristan,

I?ve followed usual instructions : configure, make, make install.
But answering your question, I've just realized that I built an old version now of Glade: 3.10.2
Because my version of GTK+ is also quite old: 3.4.1 and intltool 0.41.1.

Maybe it?s the explanation or a part of the explanation.

I hope I will be able to install soon a newer version of GTK+ but it?s not a piece of cake on MacOS.

Thanks, Pascal.

Le 3 mai 2014 ? 19:14, Tristan Van Berkom <tristan at upstairslabs.com> a ?crit :

On Sat, 2014-05-03 at 17:55 +0200, Pascal wrote:
Thanks for your suggestion.
While rebuilding Glade with LINGUAS set to fr, I discovered that all languages files are already 
installed in:
rather than:

In the glade.../po/Makefile, I see:
itlocaledir = $(prefix)/$(DATADIRNAME)/locale
          dir=$(DESTDIR)$(itlocaledir)/$$lang/LC_MESSAGES; \
        $(INSTALL_DATA) $$lang.gmo $$dir/$(GETTEXT_PACKAGE).mo; \

Why not share instead of lib?

When I manually copy glade.mo in /usr/local/share/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES it is then ok.

Are you building an official Glade release tarball which successfully
passed distcheck ?

Note that the po/Makefile.in is automatically generated by intltool
which takes care of all of those mechanics and "gets it right" - I do
not. expect that it will "just work" unless Glade was properly built.

It should in theory work fine if you have a distribution tarball and
it is installed with 'make' and then 'make install' - it should also
work correctly if you built from git and ran:
`./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr'
before running make and make install.

If you did build Glade properly from scratch and the makefile still
tries to install translations in the wrong place, then understanding
exactly how you installed Glade might shed some light on exactly what
bug report should be filed against upstream intltool.

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