[Glade-users] Button packing


I would like to place two buttons in my window. I want one button to be at the left side of the window, and 
the other at the right side of the window.

I tried putting a GtkBox (horizontal) with 5 columns. I chose 5 so that I'd get the width of buttons I want. 
Then I put one button in position 0, and the other at position 4.

What I find is that when the window is rendered, it expands the buttons so that each one takes half the 
window width, filling the entire row.

I tried the same thing with a GtkGrid with 1 row, but had the same result. I've fooled around with every 
Expand/Fill combination I could think of, but it didn't help.

The solution was to put blank labels in the 3 inner positions. This worked whether I used a GtkBox or 
GtkGrid. But I can't help feeling like I shouldn't need to put empty labels to make this work.


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