[Glade-users] Support for Mac-compatible keybindings

On Tue, May 7, 2013 at 7:02 AM, Eric Gregory <eric at yorba.org> wrote:
A while back I started looking at Mac support and found that Glade was
causing some keybinding issues.  On Mac, keybindings typically use Command
instead of Control. Gtk has a built-in method for handling this, but that
doesn't seem to be exposed through Glade.

I filed a ticket about this a while back but haven't heard anything:

Perhaps the larger question is whether or not this is even strictly a Glade
bug, or a shortcoming in GtkBuilder?  Should I file this ticket with Gtk

Yes, you can file one for GTK+ but you can leave the bug for Glade (and
making it 'block on' the GTK+ bug would be helpful).

Specifically, I guess it would be possible to support some symbolic values
in the <accelerator> descriptions outlined here:


I guess at least an exception can be made for the "primary" modifier,
perhaps even
by adding a value to GdkModifierType.


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