[Glade-users] questions about glade3.8 and desktop themes

hello friends, I have got into trouble, I google a lot but still get
my English is poor.... hope I can express my mind clearly..

I am using xfce4 desktop environment, and you know, it has some beautiful
themes. Now I have installed the glade3.8(I compiled the source code
myself), when it's done, however, the theme of xfce4 has gone away,  my
windows and my xfce-panel return to the classical theme, which looks very
I can not bare it but I can't figure out what result in this, finally I
reinstalled my OS (by the way, I am using debian 6.0)

okay, now I installed the glade once again, but not from the source code,
this time, I got glade3.6 from the debian repository (yes, the version of
glade in debian 6.0 repository is 3.6), I just run :

apt-get instsall glade

then apt-get downloaded a mess of packages for me.
this time, it make me crazy again ------ the beautiful theme of xfce4 go
away again!

I like to work with a comfortable desktop environment.... can you help me?
any help will be appreciated!!
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