[Glade-users] Connecting Signals

I am new to Glade.

I have been following the tutorial at 
http://blog.borovsak.si/2009/09/glade3-tutorial-6-signals.html but it 
seems to be a little bit out of date (applies to Gtk-2)

I'm a bit confused but I am operating under the assumption that my code 
should react to signals generated by events.

Using that assumption I have two questions about signals:

(1)  The expose-event is mentioned and used in the above example but is 
not in my glade (version 3.12.1).  Has it been replaced?  By 'draw'?

(2) I cannot connect callback functions to signals via glade.  I write a 
little callback function and link it into my programme and when it loads 
the gtk_builder_connect_signals(..) it reports that it cannot find the 
callback functions.  I have linked with -Wl,--export-dynamic

Also I add "gtk_main_quit" to the destroy-event handler yet for my 
example when I click the close box gtk does not quit.

 From my glade file: <signal name="destroy-event" 
handler="gtk_main_quit" swapped="no"/>

Are there any different tutorials available?  If so I may be able to 
solve my own problems....


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