[Glade-users] Sort order of Glade files' content


we recently move a project from hand-made Python code to using Glade to
build the UI. I didn't do the port myself but another guy did it.

Now, everything is fine and running well. However, if I try to open the
Glade file to do some changes inside, just saving the file without
touching anything reorder most of the content of the file : it is about
800 lines of XML, and just opening/saving the file produces "564
insertions(+), 582 deletions(-)" (??)

This is not very acceptable if we have to do modifications in the UI
now. I would bet that if I save the content like this and he does the
same on his side, the content will change again.
I'm not sure which version of Glade the other developer was using (I'll
ask if needed), but I'm using 3.12.1 from Debian sid.

Here is one of the Glade file which exposes the problem
h(but other from the same directory have the same problem...)

Any explainations/solutions about this problem?



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