[Glade-users] Segmentation Fault

You can install Glade 3.8 (for usage with GTK+2) on ubuntu 10.04, you'll
need to download tarballs (and perhaps install a relocated version
of GTK+ 2.24)

Glade 3.6.x is discontinued for a long time now and is quite old.

However using a recent version of Glade, does not mean that
your target application will require recent versions of GTK+.

Glade even has a feature (in the project properties) allowing you
to chose what version of GTK+ your project is targetting, this
allows Glade to warn you (at save time) if for instance, you
specify widget types or properties or signals added in GTK+
2.24, but are targetting GTK+ 2.20.

Admittedly, it might be a little bit tricky (but not too much) to
install GTK+ 2.24 into a prefix like /opt/devel, it will require
that you use a little environment script setting up your
to use when building / running programs from that prefix
(or you could try using jhbuild which does this part for you,
but compiles from 'git' which is a bit more fragile than release

But, if you are stuck developing on an old system, this is
a much better alternative than using an out-dated version
of Glade (which may have bugs and crashes).


On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 11:30 PM, John Thornton <jthornton at gnipsel.com> wrote:
If you add any tool text to an input in Glade you get a segmentation
fault when you try and run. If you close the glade file with a tool tip
it will not reopen.

Glade 3.6.4 Ubuntu 10.04 as I'm programming for LinuxCNC and that is the
latest release...


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