[Glade-users] Automatic Signal Handler Generation

I use Glade to write small GUI programs for my own use. When I use Windows, I am a great fan of Borlands 
Delphi IDE. Now I'm quite happy to program in C but I miss the automatic generation of outlines for signal 
handlers available in the Borland product. I would be happy to write my own helper program to, say, parse the 
glade.xml file from which I could find all the lines like:

<signal name="insert-text" handler="on_entry_flow_insert_text" swapped="no"/>

I would like the community's suggestions on which files I should then inspect to generate the appropriate 
information for inclusion in my header files, e.g. in this case:

void user_function (GtkEditable *editable,
??????????????????? gchar?????? *new_text,
??????????????????? gint???????? new_text_length,
??????????????????? gpointer???? position,
??????????????????? gpointer???? user_data)

where I would, of course, replace 'user_function' with my own handler name: 'on_entry_flow_insert_text'

Kind regards
John Beatty

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