[Glade-users] Realize event problem

Hi all.

A newbie question (I don't use C++ too often, so this may be a lack of
experience). Composed with Glade (3.12, I believe):

- I have a window with a notebook.
- A (different) ScrolledWindow with a TextView in each page.
- Connected a function to the ...realize event of each, before
 calling the .run() method of the main program.

Page 1 and 2 receive the realize event. Page 0 doesn't. I suppose this
is because the textview is rendered on startup, and the events to page
1 and 2 only appear on changing pages.

But how can I get the realize event from page 0?
Does Gtk::Builder::create_from_file actually show() all the widgets
too? And even so, are the widgets realized before the kit.run() call?


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