[Glade-users] Fwd: Python widgets plugin is still using pygobject

Think this was probably rejected because I forgot to sign up first...clever
me. Anyway apologies if this ended up posted twice (I didn't see it in the

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Date: 9 November 2012 13:36
Subject: Python widgets plugin is still using pygobject
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I'm fairly new to GObject/GTK etc, so I might not be explaining this right,
but please bear with me.

I've been trying desperately to get a custom catalog into glade 3.14, but
the I think the problems I've been having are linked to an outdated python
plugin. I was missing libgladepython.so in the Ubuntu glade package (for
quantal), so I decided to compile it from source and include it. All went
well until I tried to start glade.

(glade:23862): GladeUI-PYTHON-WARNING **: Error initializing Python
interpreter: could not import pygobject

(glade:23862): GladeUI-PYTHON-WARNING **: Unable to load pygobject module
= 2.90.4, please make sure it is in python's path (sys.path). (use
PYTHONPATH env variable to specify non default paths)
could not import gobject (version mismatch, 2.90.4 is required, found 3.4.0)
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Guess this might be why it didn't make it into the package? Anyway I'm
hoping one of the devs could find a minute to update this to use the new
gobject, or tell me if I'm doing something wrong here. It'd make my current
project a whole lot easier to have this working. Thanks in advance.
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