[Glade-users] Glade 3.8.2 Released!

This is the third stable release in the 3.8 series.

It depends on GTK+ 2.24 and includes some important
bug fixes back ported from the 3.10 and master branches.

As we mentioned in the previous release notes, Glade 3.8
is parallel installable with Glade 3.10, if you need to
work with Glade projects that target GTK+2, you need an
installation of Glade 3.8 (for more information see this
post: http://blogs.gnome.org/tvb/2011/01/15/the-glade-dl/).

What is Glade?
Glade is a RAD tool to enable quick & easy development of user
interfaces for the GTK+ toolkit and the GNOME desktop environment. 
The user interfaces designed in Glade are saved as XML, and by using 
the GtkBuilder GTK+ object these can be loaded by applications
dynamically as needed.

By using GtkBuilder, Glade XML files can be used in numerous
programming languages including C, C++, C#, Vala, Java, Perl, 
Python, and others. 

Glade 3.8.2
        - Backported Bug 665784 fix (added gmodule-2.0 pkgconfig package) Vincent Untz
        - Added custom build scripts for building on MS windows. Dieter Verfaillie
        - Improved performance of modifying GtkTable contents, shows 
          specifically when loading files containing large tables.
          Fixed bug 663516, Fredy Paquet.
        - Fixed bug 647984 "Make size groups widget selection work" Benjamin Otte
        - Make help dir use 'glade3' name instead of 'glade' (for bug 646997).

Where can I get it ?


For more information on the Glade project see our home page
at http://glade.gnome.org/

        Juan Pablo

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