[Glade-users] SVG Icon widget for Glade

Hey there,

I would like to know if it is possible to use svg icon files in Glade
through GTK Builder and iconwidget (as opposed to libglade and icon file).
I'm very much a beginner GTK'er and I'm NOT a programmer (started 2 weeks
ago), and I found various things from which;
- librsvg
- svg in cairo
- gtkmm
The problem is I don't know what to use for what or where; Tutorials about
these are available nowhere.

Concretely I'm looking for answers for these questions:

1. Do I need to install librsvg when an svg component is already in cairo?
(using ubuntu 12.04)
2. How can I create an iconwidget for an svg image that will be displayed
as a static SVG icon in Glade?
3. How can I link to the separate image files? Different icon widgets?
4. Do I need gtkmm or PyGTK to accomplish any of this?

Thanks in advance for your answer,

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