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On 2012-02-12, at 9:56 PM, Enjay Linux <linux at enjayworld.com> wrote:

I am trying to learn gtk application development for using it in Ubuntu Linux

I currently am a C++ Developer but have never worked on gtk or glade

Can some one guide me with proper way to give this a successful approach

As per the studies till now through several websites I have concluded to work as follows

1. Study of working with gtk widget tools
2. Study of Glade thoroughly
3. Create some small applications
4. Give an approach to some big complex application

sry I don't have time for a more in depth reply right now,

Two recommendations:
   A.) if you use c++, you should take a look into
        using the gtkmm bindings for a more natural
        API to gtk

  B.) when writing any serious/large software you
       should make your glade files modular and
       separate, I.e. create one glade file for a
       preferences dialog, one for a project window,
       one for any logical modular portion of your
       application... have objects associated to those
       glade files and make them support practical
       Apis for your application... this way you get more
       bang for your buck, by using small reusable 
       UI components


I would like the users of glade here to suggest the correct way of approach and also provide some 
constructive tutorials to follow
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