[Glade-users] How to properly fill a combobox?

I was doing a similar thing a few months ago. Editing tree-views and
combo boxes in glade is not exactly intuitive in my opinion. In order
to get to the appropriate window, you have to right click on your
combo box and choose "Edit". Once you're in this window, you go to the
"Hierarchy" tab to add columns to your combo box (not the liststore).
Then you can pack cell renderers into the combo box column by right
clicking on a column and adding the appropriate type of cell renderer,
and *then* you can link the cell renderers to the data stored in
liststore1. If you do all that, the data in liststore1 should appear
in your combo box when you run the program.

Here's a tutorial on how tree-views work (combo boxes are pretty
similar): http://scentric.net/tutorial/treeview-tutorial.html

Hope that helps.


On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 9:53 AM, Alessandro Candini <candini at meeo.it> wrote:
In my interface I've put a Combo Box.
In ComboBox Model I've set liststore1 and I've filled this list with one
gchararray column.
After that I have added the strings I want to see when clicking on the
combobox, but nothing shows up!

Are these the correct steps to create and fill a combobox?

I cannot find useful examples on the web.

Thanks in advance.

Alessandro Candini

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