[Glade-users] Where is the input callback method in glade?

The infinite loop is easily avoided by setting a flag while modifying the text withing the handler, and 
testing the flag at the beginning of the handler (not exactly a beautiful solution, but I'm sure it works). 
This way your intented functionality can be implemented with GtkEntry.

I have no experience with GtkTextView though. It's not a GtkEditable, hence the details of how to implement 
this will be different.


Peter Rottengatter

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Thanks. I tried something similar with GtkTextBuffer and it worked, but I cannot modify the text, only block 
it or let it through. If I modify it, and insert the modified text into the buffer from within the callback, 
I end up in an infinite loop.

Is there another way you know, using GtkTextView perhaps?


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I use the following code to restrict input to numerical
characters (so that the user can only enter positive integer

GtkEntry? *entry = gtk_entry_new();
gtk_signal_connect (G_OBJECT (entry), "insert-text",
G_CALLBACK (entry_insert), NULL);

void entry_insert (GtkEditable *entry, char *new, gint len,
gpointer position, gpointer data)
? gboolean? faulty = FALSE;
? for (int i = 0; i < len; i++)
? {
? ? if (! isdigit (new[i]))
? ? ? faulty = TRUE;
? }
? if (faulty)
? {
? ? g_signal_stop_emission_by_name ((gpointer)
entry, "insert-text");
? }


Peter Rottengatter

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Subject: [Glade-users] Where is the input callback method
in glade?

Where is the callback to keyboard input in glade. I want
this so that I can respond to each letter that is input.

As as example, I was looking at the tutorial at 
and was wondering how the callback method for keyboard
inputs can be enabled and how I could modify it.

For simplicity, let us say that I want to be able to print
out the characters on the terminal as I input them in the
above program. I then want to update the buffer instead of
letting some hidden function in glade do it for me. How do I
achieve this?

I'm just using the above example since it is simple and
neatly written.

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